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Awesome Deer Tattoo Design Ideas That Seem Almost Magical

Awesome Deer Tattoo Design Ideas
A deer tattoo is symbolic of several concepts and emotions. One can use it to bring in the 'cute' factor (much like Bambi), or to portray the all-powerful stag with its mighty antlers and bring forth a sense of power. We will take you through some of the most popular deer tattoo designs and show you the varied ways in which the deer tattoo can be worn.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Quick Tip
A deer tattoo can include a plethora of types like the stag, buck, doe, white tail, fawn, black tail, and the deer skull.
Thinking about getting a tattoo? And you've somewhat ... almost ... just made up your mind about getting a deer tattoo. If you're still not very sure, let's help you make that decision. The deer is a very important symbol in some of the oldest civilizations and cultures of the world. You see, the deer, as a symbol, has several deeper meanings etched into one. It stands for strength, power, peace, love, and family, among other varied things.
And while the meaning in itself is reason enough to get a deer tattoo etched, the deer as a choice for a tattoo offers a versatile range of designs as well. One can either draw on the cute factor, made ever so popular by a certain animated deer called Bambi and carry it forth with ease, or one can factor in the more powerful, full-blown stag with its mighty antlers and signify a sense of power and strength.

Then again, there are several ways in which these designs can be represented―one can use only the head of the buck, one can use the whole body, one can color it, one can have it in all black, one can use only the skull... the choices are limitless.
Deer Tattoo Design Ideas
Take a look at the following designs to get an idea of the kind of tattoos that you can get as well as the locations and places where you can use the same. There are several deer tattoo pictures that you can draw inspiration from as well.
The All-black Tat
All black deer tattoos
Having an all-black tattoo is an instant attention-grabber. It lets you take in the tattoo in its entirety. You get to pay attention to the design and the details. Going monochromatic can be done in a number of ways―either you use only the head (as is seen in the image on the right), or you can use the entire body (as seen in the image on the left). Other than the designs that have been shown in the image above, many people also go in for just the antlers for their tattoos.
The Deer Head Solo
Deer head tattoo designs
A lot can be done with just the deer head as a design. The versatility of this seemingly simple design is that it can either be turned into something extremely simple, or it can be made into an intricately-designed tattoo (something on the lines of the tattoo on the left). Another factor that you can think of introducing is the inclusion of varied additional designs to enhance the tattoo and give it that added something (much like the simple frame that has been added around the deer head tattoo in the image on the right).
The Textured Charm
Textured deer tattoo designs
Who says deer tattoos have to give off this vibe of being only the sweet and innocent? Far from it. If the design on the right in the above image is anything to go by, you can make it a little grim (noticed the eyes?) or a little overbearing. Another very interesting concept that you can introduce is textures―like the underside of the image on the right transcends from a solid black image into a textured form.

And in continuing with the textured look, you can also bring about a very hazy look to the tattoo (like the image on the left). Also, doesn't the cute little tattoo on the finger look like one of the best places to get one on?
The Quirky and Modern Twist
Modern deer in clothing tattoos
When it comes to tattoos, can the quirky be far behind? Just look at the whole new twist that you can give the deer tattoo! Dress the deer up and give them modern clothing. Somehow looks very English, if you ask me. These have been touted to be some of the most coveted designs that hipsters choose―choosing to call these tats the 'Hipster Deer' no less.
The Back-to-Back
Deer tattoos on back
What if you want a really detailed deer tattoo? Use the back! Just as this lady has done in the first image on top. The huge canvas will allow for a lot of scope to experiment and ink in details.

Ahem, ahem. It's not always the delicate and feminine, sometimes it's about the strong and masculine as well―take a look at exhibit B (the image above). What's more, add in a little color, and you have all the more scope to make this tattoo awesome. Then again, you can always just flip the design and get that deer tattoo on the chest instead of the back―same feel.
The Miscellaneous Designs
Deer tattoo design ideas
Deer tattoo design ideas
These deer tattoo pictures will give you a wide range of designs and types that you can experiment with―right from Bambi, to deer skulls, from all-black designs, to deer in motion―there is a whole range that you can choose from.
Deer Tattoo Meaning
The deer is symbolic of several emotions that run into peace, love, family, intelligence, nobility, rebirth, kindness, and benevolence. While a doe represents motherly love, deep spiritual connection to nature, and gentleness, the stag symbolizes fertility, power, masculine virility, and strength.
And there you have it, some of the best designs and variations that you can look into and choose from. Look at it this way, your body is your canvas and these are your paints. Now just go wild ... or stay with the sober, if that's what you're into. Your deer tattoo is bound to make some head turns wherever you go, of that we're sure.