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17 Awesome Crown Tattoo Designs to Let Your Royal Heart Dig On

17 Awesome Crown Tattoo Designs
If you believe in living your life king size, we have something to trigger your spirits. We present to you some unusual crown tattoo designs without losing out on the amazing quotient. Get inspired to get inked.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: May 17, 2018
The Princess Celebrity!
Sky Ferreira has a royal ink behind her ear. It's a cartoon-like crown with six points. Talking about this tat, Ferreira said, I used to draw this crown on everything and it used to be my logo and I used to get people to spray paint it everywhere.
Worn originally for showcasing power and authority, crown tattoos are becoming more prevalent among tattoo enthusiasts. Though not a mainstream tattoo element, teens are a lot into crowns these days. The good thing about crown tattoos is that they have room for a lot of flexibility. A simple, black silhouette can be worn to get a sophisticated look. In contrast, you can ink a large design and detail it with gems and dangles for the royal look. Are you from the lot who thinks a crown is something that can't be much diddled with? I'm sorry to disagree with you. Well, you can get a unique design. The trick is to find the crowns of ancient kings and queens, and we bet, no two crowns will look alike.
Crown tattoos generally include elements like flowers, animals, skulls, angelic wings, hearts, typography, scrolls, etc. Your body is the canvas, literally, when it comes to these tattoos, as they can be adorned on any part. The only thing to be careful about is, no fowl language or insults be included as it may convey disrespect.

Crown along with words―Princess, Queen, King―are some of the most common variations to these tattoos. In our quest to always find something unique and innovative, we've got some designs that fall under the crown segment but are far from cliched.
A Crown Tattoo Conveys ...
The Jungle King? ♕
Animal tattoos are here to stay. This tattoo is very much opted by Leos (the sun sign) as both crown and the lion are associated with Leo. It symbolizes supremacy and strength. Get a ferocious lion head design adorned with a crown to flaunt your power.
The Princess in Love ♔
love crown tattoo
This may fall under one of the typical crown tattoos, but we couldn't resist the temptation of putting this one on our list for its delicate detail work and the placement! Pretty pretty!
The Vintage Queen ♔
tattoo on womans thigh
Lace represents richness and magnificence as it is a rich fabric used in the vintage times. This is why it is infused with crowns. If you want something delicate and feminine, and not lose on the seductive quotient, then a lace tattoo is what you need. Best choices for placing lace designs would be thighs, calves or shoulder.
The Poker Lady ♔
poker crown tattoo
Be it the King of hearts or the Queen of spades, poker symbols have a substantial relation with crown. Carry your fate on your fingers with this sophisticated design, as poker tattoos are worn as good luck charms.
The Jeweled-Crown Princess ♔
tattoo on waist
Show the world how highly you think of yourself with a gem-embellished crown tat. Surf the internet for prestige crown designs, and so, ordinary design will pass the bill under this segment.
The Knowledge Shielder ♕
tattoo on chest
Don't wanna ink a crown as a single element? Well, owls hold a lot of significance religiously, worldwide. Hence, they make for a good element to inked. Native Americans consider the owl to be a symbol of knowledge and protection. It is also referred to as the Bird of Athena or the Bird of Minerva in ancient Greek culture. The intense eyes, beautifully detailed wings, elaborate design and the gorgeous gem crown―a tattoo that guys should definitely consider!
♕ The Crown Companion ♔
tattoo on hands
Darn, I see all the twosomes getting it. This companion tattoo can be worn by a single person or by a couple, signifying a King is nothing without his Queen. Choose a crown design that has a female counterpart or vice versa. You can even merge the two crowns the way engagement rings are showcased.
The Lacy Affair ♔
tattoo on back
Yes, we have the lace again but this time with a twist. It's an abstract crown that resembles a swan, or a swan accentuated with a crown. This tattoo design oozes grace through all nooks and crannies. Ladies, this netted piece of art is definitely one to be looked forward to!
♕ Keep Calm and Love Crowns ♔
keep calm carry crown tattoo
The propaganda poster from the WWII turned to the favorite internet slogan 'Keep Calm And Carry On' has the symbolic crown of King George VI. The poster now has various interpretations and versions, available in different fonts and colors―just like we've tweaked the crown here. Whether you wanna stay routed to history, or obsessed with internet fads, this one's a cool idea to ink a crown. It suggests to keep calm, stay strong in tough times.
Some Designs with Variations
Crown Tattoo
Crown Tattoo Design
We hope you liked the designs. Pick some, get inspired and inspire others by sharing your ideas about what else can go with crowns through the comments section below. Happy Tattooing!