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Armband Tattoos

Armband Tattoos
Are you looking for some wonderful ideas on armband tattoos? If so, then you have come to the right page, since the article will help you know about some of the most popular armband tattoo designs for women and men.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Tattooing is a way of expressing your feelings, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, etc. Such is the craze of tattoos, that tattoo lovers are ready to bear the pain of tattooing to get their favorite tattoo design. If you are going to have a tattoo for first time, then you should know that there is a myriad of tattoo designs to choose from. Moreover, you can get a tattoo on any part of your body. Armband tattoos are popular tattoos, specially among those who get a tattoo for first time. Scroll down to know more about these tattoos.
Armband Tattoo Ideas
Armband tattoos, as the name suggests, are tattoos that wrap around the arms. These tattoos are a good choice for someone who is getting a tattoo for the first time. They can be drawn to wrap upper arms, wrists or forearms. Even tattoos that wrap the ankles are considered as armband tattoos. These tattoos are quite flexible and you can have a simple or complex design.
Moreover, you can easily hide such a tattoo with outfits, when it is carved on the upper arms. There are various ideas for getting an armband tattoo. For example, you can get a snake or dragon tattoo that wraps around the arm or you can have a simple floral design that encircles your arm. These tattoos have also fascinated Hollywood celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Orlando Bloom. Now, let us take a look at some of the most popular designs.
Flower and Vine Tattoos
A combination of flower and vine tattoo, is a beautiful armband tattoo, specially for women. These tattoos can be sculpted with various intricate or simple designs and can be filled with many vibrant colors. You can have one with flowers and vine, to form a bracelet-like pattern. Even a cherry blossom tree tattoo, with its exotic pink colors, can be carved in an artistic manner to wrap the arm.
Barbed Wire Tattoos
Barbed wire tattoos have an interesting history associated with them. It is believed that these tattoos were previously used for taming the West. While some believed that the origin of barbed wire tattoo is related with World War 2. Barbed wire tattoos are known for their simple chain like pattern with prickly edges. These can also be carved in various ways like including some design at intervals, or having various parallel barbed wire tattoos on same arm.
Tribal Tattoos
No doubt, tribal tattoos are some of the most demanded tattoo designs. These tattoos are characterized by their aggressive patterns, versatile nature, bold colors and symmetric designs. Tribal tattoos are known for their toothed edges and these designs are very unique in nature. Tribal designs usually do not represent any living or non-living object and the tribal tattoo is more like a splendid piece of art.
Moreover, these tattoos have no typical meanings as other tattoos have. Tribal band tattoos are always in vogue and they look great on men with well toned biceps. A tribal armband tattoo can be a simple chain like pattern that wraps around a part of the arm or it can be a large tattoo design that encircles the entire arm area.
These were some ideas and suggestions on armband tattoos. So, choose any one of the above tattoo designs and get it tattooed on your arms by an expert tattoo artist. Happy Tattooing!