Arm Tattoos for Men

Arm tattoos for men have been popular since time immortal, ancient tribes used them to mark warriors and also to rank them.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Nowadays, tattoos are used as symbols of individual expression, people use their bodies as sign boards of their belief system and views. A decade back arm tattoos for men were restricted to bikers and rock stars but now almost all the cool people seem to have them. The art has become so popular mostly for the fact that it is almost indestructible and also because you need to endure painful needle pricks to get it. The combination of indestructibility and pain is irresistible for men and every year the number of men getting a tattoo seems to be rising.

Of all the body parts that can be tattooed the arm has always been the most favored body part, mostly because a tattoo on the arm can be easily flaunted and covered if the need arises. It doesn't matter if you have big biceps or lean biceps. What design you have on your arm is what matters the most. Intricate arm tattoos for guys can really make a few heads turn, and get you some attention from the ladies.
Arm Tattoo Ideas for Men
Forearm Tattoo
Horse Tattoo
Arm Tattoo
Tattooed Arm
Traditionally the arm band tattoo has been a very popular design with the guys, but recently there are many other designs that have turned prominent. Tribal arm tattoos for men are very popular nowadays, with more and more men opting for designs that have symmetrical and long flowing lines. Men who can't display their tattoos always, due to work restriction, get upper arm tattoos. If you are considering getting a tattoo, here are a few ideas to stimulate your imagination.
Tattoo Lettering
The use of different tattoo lettering styles can also make your arm tattoo look alluring and get you attention. Sanskrit tattoo designs are very popular these days with musicians getting an 'Om' symbol on their arms. You could also have something unique and personal written on your arm using Chinese or Urdu script. A friend of mine has G.O.D. written on his arm and when I asked what it meant he replied Good Orderly Direction, you could try tattoo lettering like this.
Skulls and Daggers
A tribal tattoo theme, with a dagger going through the skull is a very graphic image and represents masculinity. A skull with a few broken teeth and a dagger through the left eye is one of the best arm tattoos for men who adore pirate themes. A dagger handle entwined by a snake resting at the base of the skull is one of the coolest upper arm tattoos for men.
Snakes and Dragons
A dragon is a symbol of power and courage, dragon tattoos done in colors like burning orange and blood red look really awesome. If you are going in for a big tattoo design, you could depict two dragons engulfed in a ball of fire. Snake tattoos are great arm tattoos for guys, you could have a snake arm band or on the entire length of your arm. An arm tattoo which showcases a snake devouring it's prey is also enchanting, try a snake devouring a rabbit, but beware of the PETA guys, they might haul you up for depicting an animal in bad light.
Phoenix Tattoos
A bird rising from the ashes is a very inspiring image to have on your arm, you could also get a scorching sun in the background. Tribal phoenix tattoo designs also look cool, you could use shades of blue and orange for the plumage of the bird and blood red for its beak. A phoenix with a snake in its talons is a unique idea for arm tattoos for guys. I also saw an image of an angel praying and the phoenix soaring towards the sky always wanted a tattoo to look like that, just haven't got it yet.
Wolf Tattoos
One of the most intriguing designs to have on your arm are wolf tattoos, they look fierce. Wolf tattoos were used by Native Americans, they believed wolves ward off evil spirits. A wolf howling at the moon is one of the most haunting images that one could come across in real life, and showcasing it as a tattoo is also popular. A ravenous wolf exposing its sharp canine teeth while snarling, is also a good tattoo idea. Wolves are known to mate for life and are great arm tattoo designs for men who would like to express their loyalty to their loved one. You can get a wolf standing guard outside a cave as a symbol of protection and care.
Arm tattoos for men are gaining in popularity and if your thinking about getting one done, just do a little background check on a few parlors forehand. A tattoo is permanent so check up on some of the work the tattoo artist has done before you roll up your sleeves and sit on the chair.