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Arabic Tattoos

Madhura Pandit Nov 24, 2018
Arabic verses are the most popular designs for making a tattoo. Here is a guide on the different meanings and ideas for these tattoos.
Tattoos can be permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. Those made with indelible ink (usually in tattoo studios) and last forever are the permanent ones; those that last for a couple of days or weeks are the semi-permanent ones (like henna tattoos) and those made with washable paint and lasting only for a couple of hours or a day are temporary ones.
One of the most famous semi-permanent types of tattoo, the henna tattoo originated in the Middle East. Let's look into tattoos made in Arabic language.
It should be noted that henna tattoos are commonly made in the Middle Eastern countries for most of the occasions. They often represent celebration and are also made for religious occasions.
It should be noted that permanent tattoos are banned according to the Islamic Law. However, tattoos made in the Arabic language are very popular in several other parts of the world. Celebrities as well as civilians go for Arabic tattoos for their uniqueness and distinct appearance. Let's have a look!
There are several different types of tattoo lettering styles and designs available and hence, having an Arabic phrase on your body seems like a good option. Secondly, as Arabic is known to few people in other parts of the world, than Middle East; Arabic tattoos add to the mystery and uniqueness.
One of the ideas for making unique tattoos for men and women is having an Arabic symbol inscribed on the body. There are several Arabic symbols that symbolize particular meanings and can be used as tattoo designs.
These have intricate and delicate designs and hence, can be made by both, men as well as women. However, as a note of caution, it should be noted that most of these symbols have religious connotations and symbolism of God or Holy saints. Therefore, it is essential for one to look out for the proper meaning and have the symbol made correctly.

Arabic Phrases for Tattoos

  • لحب ~ Love
  • العزيمة ~ Determination
  • قمر ~ Moon
  • رفيق ~ Friend
  • روح ~ Spirit
  • رواء ~ Beauty
  • سعد ~ Good Luck
  • صفيّ ~ Pure
  • سعيد ~ Happy / Lucky
  • سكينة ~ Peace
  • شعلة ~ Flame
  • أسامة ~ Lion
If you have decided to go for any of the aforementioned tattoo verses, you need to consult an expert in the language and have the symbol or the phrase confirmed with him first. You can also make use of other sources like the Internet or seek help from other experts who are fluent in the language, before making the actual tattoo.
Secondly, you can ask your tattoo artist to have a rough design made on a paper and only then you should go for the actual art. This way there will be no chances of making an error in the spelling or meaning of the tattoo.
These tattoos are usually made in black or navy blue color. So, if you are a fan of black and white designs, then these tattoos are just for you. Similarly, these tattoos can be made on any part of the body, depending on the wearer's choice. You can also consult the tattoo artist or research on the Internet to look for some more ideas.
Lastly, note that you should consider your religion, ethnicity, job profile, etc. before going for a permanent tattoo, as they last forever and removing them can be painful. Good luck!