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Aquarius Tattoos for Girls

Aquarius Tattoos for Girls
Just like the zodiac, Aquarius tattoos are unique, extraordinary and interesting. Though tattooing is common today, unique and meaningful designs still remain a rarity. Here are some Aquarius tattoos for girls that are truly beautiful, just like these women.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Sign of Aquarius
Aquarians are different, each and every one of them. Right from the way they think to the things they dream, to the opinions they have, Aquarians are best described as different people. Aquarius women are honest, loyal, inventive, intellectual and highly independent. They worship originality and are completely detached from the world.
There are two words here that need our attention when we discuss Aquarius tattoo ideas. One being 'inventive' and the other 'original'. There are a lot of chances that they would rather do things their way rather than following someone else's footsteps. Extremely unpredictable, these are humans that value humanity like no other zodiac. Most Aquarians are not going to copy the exact tattoo designs mentioned below but will do something different with them and get the outcome inked. This way, the designs remain original and the Aquarian has the satisfaction of doing it differently.
Given below are some of the most common Aquarius tattoo designs for women and girls that you can go through. Finalize one that suits you the best. Check them out!
5 Beautiful Designs for Your Aquarius Tattoo
Ganymede - The Cup Bearer
Aquarius Sign
Ganymede is associated with many myths in relation to the zodiac of Aquarius and many others that revolve around the cupbearer or flowing of water into rivers as described in some folklore. One of the most common symbols of this zodiac, it has much more relevance than the mermaid we often see with the vase of flowing water. First, because Aquarius is a masculine sign and second because there is evidence, though in myths and folklore about the Greek youth (which is considered as Ganymede by all) and the water bearer zodiac. It is said that Zeus fell in love with Ganymede and made him the water bearer for the Gods and thus the zodiac of Aquarius is also called the water bearer.
Why the Mermaid?
Aquarius Mermaid
Most of us believe that the mermaid with the urn on her shoulder is one of the most common images relating to the Aquarius zodiac but this isn't the case at all. Firstly, the Aquarius symbol is a masculine zodiac which means it can be a merman (which is considered a possibility by many) but certainly not a mermaid. However, since we are talking about Aquarius tattoos for girls, the mermaid can replace the merman. The mermaid would make the design look delicate and more feminine. Though Aquarius is called the water bearer, it is not a water but an air sign. The water depicts the flow of knowledge, mostly thought as spiritual knowledge. This would be a perfect design for those who believe in spirituality.
Aquarius Constellation
People are often confused when it comes to the Aquarius zodiac and the Aquarius constellation. Both are different, the Aquarius zodiac being born from the constellation. The Aquarius constellation is one of the oldest known constellations and has been a part of both the old and new list of constellations. Making a tattoo design of this constellation isn't difficult if you put some creativity to use and make a few changes in the styling. Very few people actually get the constellation done as a tattoo which means you have your chance at getting an Aquarius tattoo that is unique. The constellation depicts a man pouring water southwards, to the constellation of fish called Pisces.
Aquarius Symbol
Every zodiac sign has just a few symbols that people can use for their tattoos. This makes it important that we experiment with those symbols to achieve an outcome that is exceptional. The image on the left-hand side is a perfect example of this. It has the vase, the Aquarius symbol and a small part of the constellation in the background. You can make similar designs by yourself and ask the tattoo artist to get them inked on your body. Since you will create this design on your own, chances are it'll turn out to be really rare. Even if you don't create the design, a combination reduces the chances of similarity with other designs.
Quotes & Sayings
Aquarius Sayings
If none of the above satisfy your creative cravings or if you find them common, you can opt for some Aquarius tattoo sayings and get these inked on your skin. Two unique sayings are 'good planets are hard to find' and 'I know, therefore am'. Aquarians are also considered 'heavenly bohemians' and you can get these two words inked too. Lettering can be used as an additional attribute to accompany the above-mentioned designs. You can also find out how this zodiac is written in different languages and try some diverse scripts. Aquarius individuals are known as people with high intellect and are born rebels. Quotes that show these characteristics can also be used.
These were some ideas for designs that you can put to use while getting one of those amazing Aquarius tattoos for girls. As I have said before, the zodiac of Aquarius is a masculine zodiac and hence, most of the symbols are bold rather than delicate. However, with the right technique and styling, you will be able to come up with a great tattoo. After all, a special zodiac deserves a special tattoo. Best of Luck!
Zodiac sign aquarius
Woman Pouring Water