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Anklet Tattoos for Girls

Priya Johnson Apr 17, 2019
Anklet tattoos can be extremely small in size, therefore can be easily concealed. This information will tell you all about the pain involved, along with some design suggestions.
Tattoos have been popular modes of expression in mainstream society for many decades now. Despite this, tattoos for women have seen a rise in their prevalence fairly recently. For many years tattoos were considered out-of-bounds for women and very few women dared to get one and actually flaunt it publicly.
Over the last few years, this has changed drastically and the number of women getting tattoos has increased. There are a number of places where girls choose to get their tattoos, and possibly the rarest of this breed are ankle tattoos.
Anklet tattoos have the distinct advantage of being extremely easy to display, vis-a-vis tattoos on the lower back. Women who like showing off toned calves and legs are increasingly vocal about the beauty and benefits of this design.
Since the ankles are suited to sport tattoos that are smaller in size, the cost of getting these tattoos is much less in comparison to a giant spread on the back.

Anklet Tattoos for Girls

The very first thought that comes to mind when one speaks of tattoos for girls is something soft and feminine. Getting the tattoo of something masochistic like a dragon or a sword rarely goes down with girls, barring a few exceptions.
Butterfly tattoos are commonly on the ankles, and the varieties, shapes, sizes, and colors that are seen in this design are simply stunning.
Ranging from a beautiful multi-colored butterfly in full flight, to a mild and pensive sleeping butterfly, the spectrum of emotions that these butterfly tattoos generate is very vast.
The beauty of anklet tattoos is the ability to flaunt or cover the tattoo at will. Wearing a pair of tall boots will render the tattoo invisible, and this lends great flexibility.
Flower ankle tattoos are another very popular choice. The type of flower chosen and the color, says a lot about the personality of the wearer.
There are plenty of flower types to choose from in order to portray the exact image that the wearer wishes to display.
Heart, cross, rosary, celtic and tribal designs, etc. are some other anklet tattoo design ideas.

Disadvantages of Anklet Tattoos

In spite of the many obvious benefits of these tattoos, there are many drawbacks as well that most women tend to overlook. The ankle tends to bleed more than other body parts while getting tattooed, and as a result extra precautions must be taken. This means that too much pressure and strain must not be applied on the ankle right after getting the tattoo.
While wearing pants or jeans, there is a very high possibility of the fabric rubbing against the scab of the tattoo and breaking it. One must also take into consideration the pain factor.
Areas that are fleshy and muscular experience less pain when getting tattooed, but areas that are directly above the bone tend to hurt much more. Due to this reason, anklet tattoos require a higher threshold for pain than most other places.

Choosing the Right Design

Like a tattoo on any other part of the body, anklet tattoos also require the wearer to choose the right design. Since a tattoo is a permanent embellishment on the body, there should be no scope for the wearer to regret getting a particular design after a period. A lot of thought must be put into the decision-making process.
There are a number of galleries that you can view over the Internet in order to decide which design suits you best. Do not be hasty in your decision, and ensure that the design you are getting means something to you and signifies something in your life. Getting a meaningless tattoo is never a good idea, no matter how small in size it may be.
The convenience and the accessibility to the tattoo are unmatched, though it comes at a slight cost of temporary pain for a few days. But that is just a small price to pay if you have found the perfect design for an anklet tattoo.