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Anklet Tattoo Designs

Some tattoos look the best on ankles. They are a big time favorite among the women folk all over the world. This article brings you numerous designs that you can get inked on your ankles. So, go ahead and pick one!
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Be careful before getting your ankle inked. It can be extremely painful because there is almost no muscle in the ankles.
Ankles have also been looked at as a well-shaped part of the body. The women folk all around the world have been adorning their ankles with anklets since the ancient ages. It initially started with seashells that were woven to make into anklets. As man progressed, these ankle pieces also underwent considerable amount of change. Then came the ankle pieces that were made in various metals like silver and gold. Now, with the changing times, anklet tattoos are fast replacing metal anklets. Ankle bracelet tattoos are fast becoming a trend of the season. Many women wish to accentuate their legs. So, what is better than anklet tattoos for women to achieve that objective? The designs for anklet tattoos are seen as 'ink anklets'. Let's see what are the various designs that one can use to get themselves inked with.
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Butterfly Tattoo Designs
This is one of the simple, yet elegant tattoos for women. These butterfly tattoos can be worn with formal as well as casual dresses. A butterfly tattoo is a wonderful way of showing your love for Mother Nature along with your eye for beauty. These designs can be very trendy as there are limitless options in terms of designs as well as sizes. You can choose to get a design made of small butterflies in various colors around your ankles. You can opt for vibrant colors or soft colors, which will accentuate your dress. They will not only attract attention to your ankles, but also your shoes that won't go unnoticed. Although women are more fond of butterflies, men can use it in their tattoos too as a border to their original designs.
Cross Tattoo Designs
If you are the religious types, then you may want to try cross tattoos for your anklets. These tattoos date back to the times of Jesus Christ. The difficult part about it is that it is very confusing to choose a design. There are three major types of crosses that you can choose from. The options lie between Celtic cross, tribal cross, and Gothic cross designs. The Celtic cross is also referred to as 'Cross of Iona' and was popular among the early Christians in Britain. It is one of the most admired designs for tattoos and can also be made into an arm band. There is a cross tattoo design called the Crusader's cross. It consists of five different crosses. Each of these crosses signify one wound each, suffered by Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. Three step cross is another design for a cross tattoo on ankles. Three steps are added at the bottom of the Latin cross. These three steps signify faith, hope, and love.
Flower Designs
Flower tattoos on ankles are as old as the art of tattoo-making itself. Different flower tattoos have different connotations. There are various tattoo ideas, which can be combined with the flower ankle tattoos. They can be combined with a butterfly or a heart as well. The various designs that are used to make tattoos are lotus, lily, hibiscus, daisy, orchid, peony, daffodil, sunflower, bird of paradise, and not to forget, the rose. A lotus flower stands for clarity of thought, while a lily flower tattoo denotes virginity and purity. The hibiscus flower is known as the symbol for delicate beauty. All of us know that a rose flower indicates love and romance, while the orchid flowers signify magnificence, luxury, strength, love, and beauty.
Celtic Tattoo Designs
The Celtic people did not leave any written historical document since they used tattoos to convey their history and culture. You can get a wide variety of designs for Celtic tattoos. The most commonly used Celtic designs are tree of life, Celtic Girly heart, black and gray cross, stars, the golden wheel of life, blazing cool infinity tattoo, etc.
Heart Designs
There are innumerable number of designs of heart tattoos that you can get inked. It is always a good idea to talk to the tattoo artist before you decide upon the type of tattoo you want. There are majorly four types of heart tattoo designs. Under each one of them, there are countless variations available. The different types are sacred-heart tattoo, locked-heart tattoo, broken-heart tattoo, and pierced-heart tattoo. People choose to get all-hearts tattoo around their ankles or in combination with some other designs.
Rosary Designs
Rosary tattoos are fresh and sacred. They are seen as a religious symbol of belief in God. The famous celebrity, Nichole Richie, is said to have gotten a rosary tattoo made on her ankle. Usually, people choose to have the rosary beads around their ankles and have the cross tattooed in continuation on the upper side of their foot.
Tribal Designs
Tribal ankle tattoos find their origin in folklore, legends, and traditions. These designs can range from the simple single-colored designs to multicolored, complicated tattoos. The most commonly used tribal designs are those of identification tattoos, marriage tattoos, totem animal guardianship, rites of passage tattoos, etc. Identification tattoos were used to show the belonging to the clan, group, family, etc. Marriage tattoos signified marital bliss and prosperity for the couple.
It is very important to choose the designs carefully. Give it a deep thought as to what design you would like to have on your ankles. Apart from the designs given above, you can also come up with your own ideas or combine any of them. However, make sure that it reflects your personality. Be very sure before getting inked. We're sure you don't want to end up regretting the design when you wake up the next day.
Lizard tattoo on ankle
Butterfly tattoo on ankle
Tattoo on ankle
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Tribal tattoo for men
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