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American Eagle Tattoos

Bhakti Satalkar Nov 20, 2018
American eagle tattoos are a hit among people for various reasons. The particulars mentioned here explains the bird's significance and the various popular designs that people like to get inked.
Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of art created by humans. There was magical or mystical significance attached to body inking. It was done to symbolize fertility of earth, women, preservation of life after death, etc. In different cultures tattoos have a different significance. They can either be done for good luck or good health.
A lot of birds are used as designs, and prominent among them is the American eagle. In recent times, eagle designs have become a fashion statement with the youth of America.


  • In ancient times, an eagle was seen in conjunction with solar power.
  • For the Persians and the Greeks, the bird was a sacred symbol. It was often combined with the symbol of the sun.
  • A white American eagle is a representation of strength, as it is a majestic and powerful bird.
  • A native bald eagle symbolizes freedom, since the bird was made the national symbol of the USA by President George Washington. At the same time, patriots get themselves inked with this bird to represent the United States of America.
  • Along with strength, an eagle also represents honor.
  • It also stands for potency as well as illumination.
  • This bird is also used to depict might and spiritual growth.
  • Fearlessness is another attribute associated with these birds, as they can be seen soaring high above the earth fearlessly.
  • If you want to show that nothing can escape your vision, an eagle is the perfect choice as the bird sees everything and misses nothing.


These tattoos are usually sported as armbands. There are some who have their back inked with these majestic birds. The other common places include the shoulders, chest and ankles. Many people choose to get one on their hips, biceps, as well as lower backs. If you want to make yours look realistic, then you will have to make sure that the size is big enough.



If you want to show your love for the country, patriotic eagles are the right ones for you. You can ink the American flag along with the bird. The flag can appear as the background, or grasped in the eagle's talons. Another option is to wrap the flag around the bird like a cape.
You could even draw the bird's wings in the color of the American flag.
You might appreciate this design if you are a soldier. This is a popular design where the bird is swooping down, with its wings spread and talons stretched, and all set to grab its prey. With this, you will be able to depict that you are always set to grasp hold of your enemy.
Another popular variation is where the bird is portrayed to be surveying its territory. You can also have a word banner which has a slogan or the name of your military company. The commonly used words are 'liberty' and 'strength'.


You can opt to have your eagle along the lines of a tribal design. The curves and bold lines of these designs are very interesting.
Whatever the American eagle means to you, they certainly make for beautiful tattoo designs. The artist will be able to help you with the most unique design. You may opt to make a temporary tattoo before you get a permanent one.