Amazing Raven Tattoo Designs and their Meanings

Amazing Raven Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Commonly associated with death and evil, raven tattoos also symbolize intelligence and wit. This Buzzle article gives you some amazing raven tattoo designs and their meanings.
Dark and Scary!

Raven tattoos are not for everyone. They have something mysterious and scary about them. They are commonly linked with death and darkness and aren't quite mainstream. However, this is one design that can be used to symbolize both the good and the bad.

Dark, secretive, and powerful, raven tattoos can be worn by men as well as women. The Celtics associate these birds with protection. They have been depicted in Celtic arts. The Celtic goddess Morrígan is said to have taken the form of a raven. In Greek and Roman mythology, ravens are associated with Apollo and Athena. According to the Native Americans, ravens brought light to earth. But their most common symbolism is that of death and evil, which is why the raven is a misunderstood bird.

Ravens are intelligent, and they are believed to possess the powers of prophecy. Raven tattoo designs can be used to represent some of the strongest attributes one has.

What does a Raven Tattoo Symbolize?

● Ravens have been associated with death due to superstitions. This is because they are scavengers that feed on dead bodies.

● But they are intelligent and cunning birds who were called the Keepers of Secrets. A raven tattoo symbolizes these traits.

● It symbolizes intelligence, shrewdness, foresight, trickery, deception, and wit. It also stands for balance, and seeing the good and bad in people.

● These birds have been associated with the departed souls.

Raven Tattoo Designs

Raven Wings

Flying ravens or the spread wings of a raven symbolize strength and masculinity.

Raven tattoo on back

Skull and Raven

A skull and raven tattoo symbolizes death. It can symbolize a lost loved one; especially if there are roses below the skull. It is a dark and intense tattoo design, often connected with negative energy.

Raven tattoo on chest

Single Raven

A single raven tattoo can signify a lot of traits like intelligence, cunning, knowledge, and trickery. It is also considered to bring powerful messages and warnings. It also reflects the negative traits of a person.

Raven tattoo on the waist

Small Ravens

This tattoo depicts the transition to a higher level of spiritual awareness and intelligence. It can also mean that the ravens are guiding you in life.

Small ravens on back

Raven on a Branch

A raven sitting on a branch is considered to be protective. It is like having the watchful and formidable eye of the raven on you.
Raven on a branch design on arm

Tribal Raven Tattoos

Tribal raven tattoos are inspired by Celtic arts, and have an artistic significance rather than a philosophical meaning. The Celts associated ravens with prophecy, mysticism, and magic.

Tribal raven tattoo design on hand

Wolf and Raven

Both the raven and the wolf are considered as tricksters. A raven is the keeper of secrets whereas a wolf is the keeper of ancient knowledge. It is said that both the animals engage in a battle of wits.

Other Designs

Single raven dark
Raven sketch as tattoo design

Artistic raven tattoo
Abstract raven tattoo

One raven sitting
Raven perching

Raven on branch of leafless tree
Fiery raven