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8 Amazing Ideas for Dance Tattoos

8 Amazing Ideas for Dance Tattoos
Think your love for dance can only be matched by your love for ink? Well then, it's time you get yourself a stunning dance tattoo. Here are some amazing ideas, you definitely gotta check out.
Buzzle Staff
I dance to live, I dance to breathe.
I dance to be free, I dance to be me.
Dance is considered as a conversation between the body and the soul. Dance is passion; dance is energy; dance is rhythm; dance is happiness; dance is love! So, why not connect this passion of your soul to the body through ink! Yes, get a dance tattoo!

Dance and tattoos, both beautiful forms of expression; mix them together and the result is magnificently enthralling. A dance quote, a dancing figure, or just the word dance, there is no dearth of options in dance tattoos. This is one subject where you can go totally crazy, blend in different elements, personalize a lot, and decide the most perfect tattoo for you.

And of course, we are here to give you that much-needed inspiration, like always. Have a look!
Dancer Pose Tattoo
Womans leg tattoo
One of the most popular dance tattoo designs is the dancer pose. It may seem like a common idea, but its appeal is not going to vane. There are literally numerous poses you can choose from. Plus, you can opt for a color tattoo or a bold black one. This design will look splendid on the nape, feet, or waist!
Ballerina Tattoos
Ballet shoes tattoo
A beautiful ballerina, or even ballet shoes make an amazing design option. Go for colors though, for a more vibrant and lively tattoo.
Ballet dress tattoo
This cutesy ballet dress makes for a very sweet little tattoo. Yes, it looks the best on the wrist, but you can also flaunt it on the ankle.
Woman Waist tattoo
This cutesy ballerina tattoo looks perfect on the waist. The cartoonish design is like a reminder of childhood and all things nice.
Dancer Outline Sketch Tattoo
Ballet Dancer tattoo
I love this tattoo design, cause it shows movement and rhythm. A girl with a hula-hoop, this tattoo kinda represents the free-spirited woman in you, who knows how to be free in spite of boundaries.
Dancer and Flower Tattoo
Dancer and Flower Tattoo
This dancer in a flower tattoo is definitely mesmerizing, and perfect for those who can't get enough of flowers. It has got an exotic feel to it, and you can even add a quote or a couple of words to personalize it.
Dance is Love Tattoo
Dance is Love Tattoo
Dance is your true love; dance is your life! Your love in boundless and infinite. Yup, that is exactly what this infinity symbol dance tattoo portrays. It is simple, yet so amazing. Both men and women can flaunt this tattoo, and it looks best on the wrist or bicep. Don't forget to add other elements and customize it according to your taste.
Passionate Dancer Tattoo
Passionate Dancer Tattoo
This tattoo is like the symbiosis of both your passions - ink and dance! Nothing can match the fierce passion of this amazing tattoo. You can have it in black or in color; it looks equally stunning both ways. The best place to sport this tattoo is definitely the nape area.