Rib Cage Tattoo Designs

Rib Cage Tattoo Designs

Rib cage tattoos have become very popular in the recent years. There are a number of designs you can choose from in case you are planning to get one. Let us see what they are.
Tattoos on the rib cage are always very special due to the amount of pain one undergoes to get them. As a matter of fact, it is the most painful area to get inked. The human rib cage is made up of 24 bones arranged in 12 pairs. These bones act as protectors of the organs in the upper body. Since there is an absence of fat and tissues which pad the skin in this area, the pain becomes slightly severe. Along with the pain, it can be difficult for the tattoo artist to get the right design as well. However, it does not mean that you should shy away from the idea of getting a tattoo on your rib cage. When you decide to get yourself a rib cage tattoo, you will have to make sure you have the time and the patience required to get it done, as the designs are often big in size, and it takes more than a couple of sessions to have the tattoo made.

Design Ideas

According to me, the best designs are something with which you, as an individual, can identify with. You can design your own tattoo to make sure that the pattern is unique. You can even opt for a favorite quotation or verse. Both men and women a number of times prefer script words for their tattoo. It can typically be made either in old English or written in a beautiful handwriting. The lettering can also be in a different language, like Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Latin, Sanskrit, etc. There are a number of celebrities who have got themselves inked with lettering.

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Flower tattoo designs for women and men will never go out of fashion as they are soft, delicate, and stunning. These designs will always remain unique, as there are hundreds of floral patterns to choose from. The most common ones are the hibiscus flower design, cherry blossom, red rose, etc. After the flower designs, animal motifs are the most popular. They often have great symbolic meaning attached to them, so there is a myriad range you can choose from.

If you like your tattoo black and white, then tribal designs are the right ones for you. They are also artistic and have some sort of mysticism attached to them. You will come across a variety of tribal designs, which can also be changed to suit your personal tastes and liking. Both men and women can opt to have tribal designs inked on them. The most popular among these designs are tribal sun, tribal flower, tribal skull and bones, etc.

After having mentioned the tribal designs, how can we forget the dragon motifs! A giant Chinese dragon tattoo makes for a wonderful design for the large spread of canvas available on the rib cage. You can choose to make the design differently too. A courageous warrior fighting with a fire dragon makes for a different and mesmerizing design.

One of the favorite designs for a rib cage tattoo are stars. Especially, the shooting star designs are very popular. They can also be combined with other designs. Nautical stars are best suited for men, as they at times can be very masculine in appearance. You can also choose to combine the star motif with the tribal sun tattoos.

When you want to get your rib cage inked, it is always good to choose a design that has some resemblance with your personality. Talking to the tattoo artist is recommended so that you can get different ideas which may not have occurred to you before.